When your company needs staffing, time is money. Guardian Workforce’s dedicated group of highly motivated staffing experts are ready to assist you meet the demand rapidly and professionally, minimizing downtime and maximizing production. Our team strives to make sure the client and the employee’s needs are handled with professionalism and care. Our response time is in many cases is very quick. We’ve got the track record of success to prove it. Let our staffing agents work for you and experience the Guardian Workforce difference.


Expansion, variable work loads, temporary, temp-to-hire needs; any type of staffing challenges your business is faced with, our experts will find the solution for you… quick. Guardian Workforce’s pre-screened and trained candidates are prepared to go and keep your business productive when you need it most. We will form an alliance with your Human Resource staff and take on the day-to-day search functions, to enable your company to focus on its core business issues and grow the bottom line.


Our enthusiasm to deliver competent, pre-screened personnel who are suitable for your company and prepared to contribute simply means you can expect the right people for the job every time…. And you have our stamp of guarantee for that. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction and stand behind you every step of the way. While it would be simpler for us to cut some corners in the recruiting and training of our candidates, we don’t. As a matter of fact, our tough screening and training procedures are the foundation of our reputation, and results in the highest skilled personnel in the industry.

Guardian Workforce Has Zero Tolerance For Injuries

Accidents can happen and business risk is a reality all employers must face. Managing that risk effectively,
and ensuring your workplace is as safe as it can be, is essential to your continuing financial well being.

The Solution is Simple: Risk & Safety Management

Guardian Workforce works hard to protect employees while minimizing downtime in the event of a workplace injury. Our proactive approach to risk management includes workplace safety training before and on the job, OSHA compliance assistance, a highly effective Drug-Free Workplace program, and more. We also provide complete workers’ compensation management for all workplace injuries.

Our Risk Management will construct a safety agenda that directly relates to your company. Every 12 months you will receive a Safety Calendar and a Manual that will consist of specific safety topics related to your site. Our safety agenda shall be summarized and itemized by date to be covered within a twelve-month period. Guardian Workforce’s Safety and Risk Management Division will routinely update this log every month after the safety meeting has been conducted.

Following are some areas our Risk Management Department covers:

  • Coordinates practices with claims representatives and case managers to determine causes of workplace accidents, injuries, and property damage.
  • Performs on-site surveys and makes recommendations as specified contractually.
  • Develops site specific programs and checklists to include Safety and Accident Prevention, Hazard Communication, Fire Prevention, Procedure for Handling an OSHA Inspection, Lock-Out/Tag-Out, and many more.
  • Provides supervisory safety training.
  • Responsible for statistical analysis of accidents and injuries and written recommendations.